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Racquel Brown, ESQUIRE

Lawyer, Professor, Entrepreneurship Trainer.

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Undercover DEA Agent Darius Kramer received an assignment to infiltrate, expose and take down the deadliest and most elusive drug family in New York City. The job requires his expertise, strategic moves, and no mistakes. But the DEA is not aware of one critical piece of information: its agent is the pawn in a lethal strategic game, where making mistakes is the only certainty. Closing the case is a race against time; every opponent's move could mean death and each of Darius' moves could cost him his life.

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Calvin Coolidge SHS Signing Day Part 3 of 3




Journal Articles

Brown-Gaston, Racquel, and Sepehri, Mohamad, 2017. Volkswagen – When the Defiance of Business Ethics Laws Becomes the New Normal, International Journal of Social Science and Economic Research, 2(11), 5319-5332,

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Brown-Gaston, Racquel, 2017. The Unsuccessful Courting of Uber and the European Union,International Journal of Economics, Business and Management Research, 1(05), 418-424,

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Brown-Gaston, Racquel, Mohamad, Sepehri & Masopust, Lukas, 2019. The Implications and Impact Encountering Regulatory Policies in the Global arena: Same Case, Different Outcomes Google, European Union, and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, International Journal of Advanced Engineering and Management Research, 4 (01), 141-148

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Brown-Gaston, Racquel, Anyu, J. Ndumbe, 2020. The Case of Waymo v. Uber: The Detrimental Harm to the Evolution of Trade Secrets, Journal of Business Cases and Applications, 27 (01), 1-27

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1. Presenter on "The Case of Waymo v. Uber: The Detrimental Harm to the Evolution of Trade Secrets." AABRI International Conference, Washington, DC, 2019.

2. Presenter on “The Implications and Impact Encountering Regulatory Polices in the Global Arena: Same Case, Different Outcomes. Google Versus European Union and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission” Academic and Business Research Institute International Conference, St. Augustine, FL, 2018.

3. Presenter on "Volkswagen – When the Defiance of Business Ethics Laws Becomes the New Normal" The Academy of International Business – US Southeast Chapter Conference, Washington, DC, 2017

4. Panelist on “Women in Business,” Arise Relevance Conference, Atlanta, GA, 2017

5. Presenter on "Education, Leadership and Transformation for Progress," International Conference of the Spanish Speaking African Diaspora, Cali, Colombia, 2016

6. Panelist on "Thought Leader in Entrepreneurship," University of the District of Columbia, Washington, DC, 2015


Sherma Pollard

The memories of purchasing my first home will also bring a smile to my face. The daun]ng stories I heard cannot be one that I repeat because with Racquel as my lawyer, I felt complete ease. It is not often that an attorney feels like a friend and still follows up even after the closing. Yes, I have and will continue to refer her without hesitation.

New York State Auditor

Humberto Garces

We are a minority construction company who seeks constant contract reviews for our bids. Racquel's ability to dissect and translate to us every segment of the contracts with recommendation, has been pivotal in our growth.

Green Construc]on LLC, CEO

Dauneg Samuda

With the loss of my client’s parents and sole sibling and millions in an estate, but unable to care for himself, we hired Racquel to sort through things. Not only did she create a trust and took us through everything step by step, her caring and nurturing ways had it such that even as years go by, she still calls to check upon him. A human touch from a dynamic attorney.

Golden Touch Care

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Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this. I write this on the heel of my visit to Jamaica, my first stop on my international promotion of Deadly Instincts the novel and the movie.  Knots so tightly knit that I almost had second thoughts. I said almost because at least a decade of…


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