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August 26, 2015

This afternoon, I walked my friend to the metro and bid her later. Never wanting to say goodbye as I hoped very much that it wouldn’t be long before we again walk and chat and laugh about the nothings in life. In a few hours, she will be on her way to Barcelona, Spain to commence her […]



August 11, 2015

Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this. I write this on the heel of my visit to Jamaica, my first stop on my international promotion of Deadly Instincts the novel and the movie.  Knots so tightly knit that I almost had second thoughts. I said almost because at least a decade of […]


Your Foundation

July 28, 2015

I was talking to a friend yesterday who told me that at 53 years of age, he think he has found the one. The tone in which it was stated gave me pause that his thoughts were incomplete. “And….?” I followed behind him. “She’s 17 years younger.” To summarize the conversation, he went on to […]



July 21, 2015

I was having dinner the other night with a colleague who was new in town. Couple gentlemen sat 2 tables away from us. The Caucasian gentleman went on to tell us that he’s from NY and he has black friends and he’s an attorney who has too much money, and he wanted to buy us […]


Insurmountable Odds

July 13, 2015

I was asked last night, how do I find the energy to keep going in the midst of insurmountable odds with all that is required to attain one’s dreams. I had a couple of answers—adrenaline from the passion. It is the feeling we get when we are in love. We simply can’t get enough of […]


The Packaging

July 7, 2015

Today, something happened, and as if in slow motion, I witnessed me in the past, through the actions of another. Someone came to me for help. I helped. I instructed the person as to the necessary steps needed to get what was requested. Apparently, according to the individual, I didn’t. He stood there and without […]


Time Warp

June 30, 2015

You’ve probably heard of time warp before Christina Milian decided to join Rocky Horror Picture Show Remake. Umm, let’s see if you do. Do you remember the feeling you get after you have been through an ordeal for the purpose of achieving a goal–be it finding the right school for your child, or getting through your wedding day […]


The Default Setting Within Us

June 23, 2015

For those of us who slouch, have you ever noticed the signal that gets sent from your brain to your back, when you are asked to sit in that upright position? I can tell you exactly what happens next-“ouch! it hurts to sit up straight.” Momentarily you slide back in that comfortable unnatural state or […]


The Necessity of the Unexpected

June 28, 2013

Do not stay so focused on your end’s goal, that you missed the journey. For a long time now, getting “Deadly Instincts,” on a best seller’s list and seeing her through the making of a movie, have been my focus. So much so, any distractions, such as substandard editing, printing gone wrong, the nuts and […]


The core of us

June 17, 2013

The frightening thing about writing the screenplay to “Deadly Instincts,” is that it appears to be a never ending story. I have to decide which of the characters from the novel I am going to further develop or which new characters I have to create to enhance the story, or which characters may get less […]


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