June 28, 2013 by admin

Do not stay so focused on your end's goal, that you missed the journey. For a long time now, getting "Deadly Instincts," on a best seller's list and seeing her through the making of a movie, have been my focus. So much so, any distractions, such as substandard editing, printing gone wrong, the nuts and bolts of distribution deals, the frustration and agony of writing a screenplay to effectively express what I see it to be, have not been welcomed by me with grace and humility, but rather wrath and much disappointment. But why? If I believe that I have already accomplished these goals, and I am simply awaiting to meet them, what is my problem? Truth is, the more I allow negative energy to overshadow my favor from the Most High, then I lengthen the course of my journey. Not necessarily by time, but rather the appearance of time. In the interviews that I have thus far, many of the interviewers have expressed that I have been a source of inspiration; many readers have expressed that I have given them hope to go on with their journey toward their expected end. I am being given opportunities such as planned speaking engagements in drug rehabilitation centers, and correctional facilities. I will be reading to children in the most remote areas of my island home, Jamaica. I am saying this to say, the end is already there and waiting. But, the moments that take your breath away, the moments that build your character and your strength, the moments that teach you to get up when you fall--those moments are never stationary, and you have to move with them. You move with them so time doesn't stand still, and the time of your journey doesn't appear lengthened. If you are stationary, as the end is your only focus...then you would have missed some of the pivotal reasons why you ever existed at all. Darius Kramer, the main character in "Deadly Instincts," had an expected end--to take down the most elusive drug family in NYC. But like all of, he had a journey. That journey has led to such reviews for "Deadly Instincts," as "awesome, riveting, spine tingling, hanging off your seat thriller!!!" Find out why.