March 20, 2013 by admin

Early this morning, I went to bed fluttered because disappointment flogged me. Couple hours later when I awoke, I was still fluttered, due to that same disappointment. As a servant of the Most High, I knew better, but I was going to go through my emotions anyway, because I just had to be a brat. That of course achieved nothing. In the end the cause of the disappointment still existed but more importantly, that rarety of time, never to be repeated, that was given to me and that I continued to receive, I chose to use it to nurture emotions that did not have the capabilities to benefit me, but rather to hurt me. "Be anxious for nothing," my uncle reminded me and I assumed that it was because fear and faith could not reside in the same place. Similarly to having made a decision to be angry and disappointed, I made a decision not to be. Just like that, I had forgiven them, and the anger in my heart for them was no more. Couple hours later, I was having a chat with a friend in my office. Few moments later, I watched my GOD at work. That for which I was anxious and disappointed was no more, as it was offered to me without so much of a "could you please?" Be anxious for nothing because when something is to be--it will be. Do not give anyone the power to hurt you, especially you. That was a lesson I learned from Darius Kramer, the main character in "Deadly Instincts." Protect yourself at all cost even from yourself.