July 21, 2015 by admin

I was having dinner the other night with a colleague who was new in town. Couple gentlemen sat 2 tables away from us. The Caucasian gentleman went on to tell us that he's from NY and he has black friends and he's an attorney who has too much money, and he wanted to buy us any drink we wanted. I couldn't quite figure out the purpose of us meeting as I believe most things are not coincidence. I said well I'm from NY, I have black friends, I'm an attorney and yes, I will take that drink; but, those weren't it. I thought it was then about the Caucasian woman who sat next to our table, appears to be a hippy, who told us that she could heal all our issues with our inner voice and a song. I said no she's probably from California, that wasn't it. I thought oh, this lesson is for my colleague who was enduring culture shock as Washington DC was clearly another planet from the deep south; here in DC Caucasian men bought gals who were African American, a drink and Caucasian women offered a way out of our problems. I was happy to witness what I hoped was for my colleague, wheels turning to the realization that people are people, some good and some bad, and race is not a pre-determination. The illumination on her face when the woman from a different world engaged her in that loving manner made me smile. I was convinced the lesson was for her. Not so fast Racquel--"do you know the two most important days in a man's life?" my new attorney friend stood over my shoulder prior to his exit. "The day he was born and the day he discovered his purpose in life." Voila, that is why I had to be at that restaurant, at that moment in time. After much thinking, I realized that the day we discover our purpose in life is a rebirth, as a new life begins. The steps that were always being ordered are now being attended to by us. Are you reborn? Do you know the purpose of your existence? Do you understand the role of your link on this chain that connects all life? Do you understand that other organisms depend on you, unknowingly to them, to do your part in this circle of life? Do you know there's someone waiting on you to get it right so you can do your part in helping him or her evolve to what God has called him or her to be? It could be a child, spouse, sibling, relative, friend, associate, or stranger. We are all connected. It is vital that we come in tune with our true selves by recognizing the moment of our second birth.