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This afternoon, I walked my friend to the metro and bid her later. Never wanting to say goodbye as I hoped very much that it wouldn't be long before we again walk and chat and laugh about the nothings in life. In a few hours, she will be on her way to Barcelona, Spain to commence her masters program. After a semester in Spain, she would continue on to Taiwan and then finish up in San Francisco, California. She is a South African living in America who had the experience of having someone from the Caribbean as her law professor. She would have me tell her stories of my days living in France, and she in turn would tell me of her dreams of going to Paris. We agreed that we would meet up in London for tea. I watched her descend into the metro until she was no longer in view. Something then clicked. Some people would risk everything and travel the world in pursuit of a dream. Many of my family members did it, and so have the ancestors of this land. Many kissed their parents, grandparents, siblings and pets goodbye, with nothing but a bag and a plane ticket to that unknown world, with hope as their closest companion. Some return home and build upon their experiences, others, never to return.  For my friend, it wasn't difficult to get up and relocate again, as once you have passed the first test, preparation for the other is a familiar place and taking the test, though challenging, is not much of a big deal anymore.  How you see yourself determines the lens through which you see life. How much you love yourself will determine how far you will go for you.  I took you around the globe to say that many have traveled a far distance for hope to stay alive. On the other hand, some of us need not go anywhere, but up the block, say something to somebody about our dreams and the flight in our spirit will take off. Deadly Instincts have carried me around the world even without having left the United States.  With fans from Africa including but not limited to Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Mali, Kenya, Benin, Burkina Faso, the continents of Australia, Europe, North and South America as well the Caribbean, and Central America, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia, my spirit has taken flight. Do not let the conforms of your geography determine your reach. Everything you need is already inside of you ready to explore the unknown that will take you closer to "home" that is your dream. The world, if you want it, can be your oyster. Come on, take flight!

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  • Novelette Hfa says:

    Loving this. You have broaden my mind. Feeling elated and empowered from this small writing here.

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