June 17, 2013 by admin

The frightening thing about writing the screenplay to "Deadly Instincts," is that it appears to be a never ending story. I have to decide which of the characters from the novel I am going to further develop or which new characters I have to create to enhance the story, or which characters may get less attention as their roles may not be as essential for the film. At first, I thought I was writing another novel all over again, but I have come to realize that expanding on who these characters are, is what we do in our every day lives. We are not writing a new story, rather discovering new chapters. If you go fishing in the life of someone you know, you will discover that at some point or another, before the story ends, you would have said to that person, "who are you? I have known you all this time and never knew that about you." One thing is for certain, regardless of the different chapters in our lives, the true nature of who we are... the core of us, will remain consistent. It is our responsibility to introduce ourselves to that core and then make a decision if this is how we choose to remain. Find out why the core of Darius, the protagonist, will have you on the edge of your seat. See you at the box office, but first, see you on the Best Seller's List.