July 7, 2015 by admin

Today, something happened, and as if in slow motion, I witnessed me in the past, through the actions of another. Someone came to me for help. I helped. I instructed the person as to the necessary steps needed to get what was requested. Apparently, according to the individual, I didn’t. He stood there and without him saying a word, I knew he was angry because he was still waiting for the help. I realized that he had already formulated in his mind the packaging of the help and what exactly would be deemed acceptable help. I once stood where he was before I got my feet and hands muddy fighting and squabbling to get to my dreams. I sat him down and enlighten him. Nobody owes us anything. Nobody has to help us. Nobody is going to pursue our dreams for us. Nobody is going to bleed for us and cry our tears for us. That is the right of passage every man must endure. We have to do it ourselves if we want it badly enough. Whether it’s working and sacrificing time to get funds to pay someone to do it, or sacrificing time in other ways to learn the task and do it ourselves. Either way, it’s our sacrifice. The supporters are on the side lines cheering you on, but it is your race to be won. It is crucial to see God in everything that comes our way because he will likely not be bundled in the package that we expect. It wasn’t until I started being grateful for every little advice, every suggestion, every “noteworthy” event I must attend, that I start seeing the picture. Each person along our way is carrying a baton in our race. When they have ran their distance (meaning you accomplish that particular task--the idea that came from them) then believe it or not, the baton will be passed to the other who was sent to help you, until their distance (their advice, suggestion, networking contact, etc.) has been run, and the baton gets passed on and passed on. Please be open…please be open to God so you don't miss your blessings.