April 2, 2013 by admin

One thing about success is that the formula it requires to achieve it has never changed. It is not discriminatory. It is void of emotions and it is blind to particulars. This formula, throughout time, has served heroes as well as villains. Success remains still and whoever seeks it must move towards it, trod the road to get to it, be it rocky or smooth. Success will not meet you half way, it will not budge from

its post because it seeks nothing from you, but you from it. Despite the diabolical nature of the antagonist in "Deadly Instincts," one thing has to be admired--he was bold, audacious, fearless and he was, at all cost, going to attain success. He knew the formula and he applied it. How bold are you towards capturing your success? Find out how bold Michael, the antagonist was in capturing his in "Deadly Instincts."