March 19, 2013 by admin

I was recently told by my PR firm that I must blog daily. Now I said to myself, self, what on God's good earth are you going to talk about today. I was perusing on FB as usual and Nasita Thorpe Edwards, one of my fb friends, congratulated me and I became teary like the punk that I am and told her to cut it out or else I would cry. In turn she wrote to me, "u do us proud so cry if u want but go on cause u"" must"...for all those who have a dream but fail to folow thru..." Usually, I am not at a loss for words, but sometimes words can't truly express a moment in life when time stands still, so I am going to allow this to sink in for a moment. sank. Whow! That was awesome to be reminded that we are eagles and fly we must for those who have yet to develop their wings. Thank you Nasita for adding fuel to the fire, not just for me, but those who will come behind and read this. May the fuel in their fire never burn out.