July 13, 2015 by admin

I was asked last night, how do I find the energy to keep going in the midst of insurmountable odds with all that is required to attain one’s dreams. I had a couple of answers—adrenaline from the passion. It is the feeling we get when we are in love. We simply can’t get enough of that force. Some stay up all night on the phone into the morning. You know what I mean. Then the next day, after being with the person for 21 hrs of the 24, it still isn’t enough, and it appears as if only 5 minutes have gone by. Well, it’s the same for me. Stay up writing, researching, and building go by too quickly. Being addicted to the process as I simply can’t get enough…there’s always something to do or improve, are among the things that keep me going. Seeing the result of my faith when I walk to what appears to be a closed door, and it just opens, gives me thrill. Enjoying the moments of watching what I once deemed insurmountable odds fall to my feet, still amazes me. I feel the power of God with me on this journey. I see what happens when my bank account laughs at me and I move in the direction anyway, that requires something to be in my bank account. The lives that are impacted by my motivational speaking or my sheer will to succeed requires me to find the energy. The achievements of my mentors to whom I am invisible, requires me to find the energy. My strength comes from my help—supporters, unexpected aid from the north, south, east and west. Most importantly, my energy to keep going in the midst of what appears to be insurmountable odds, comes from MY rock, shield and guide—the Holy Spirit. It is in this same spirit that I find rest.