August 11, 2015 by admin

Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this. I write this on the heel of my visit to Jamaica, my first stop on my international promotion of Deadly Instincts the novel and the movie.  Knots so tightly knit that I almost had second thoughts. I said almost because at least a decade of plugging away and plugging away, I believe my moment is here. So what am I fearful of? As usual, I began the conversation with God and was reminded of my pastor's sermon that there are two forces at work. Faith and fear. One is the positive expectation of something, and the other, that we deemed as natural, when it is in fact spiritual, is the negative expectation of something else. Grateful for the reminder, humility and gratitude replaced fear. For the support of my God, family, friends, fans, whichever category, you find yourself, I thank you wholeheartedly. Your belief in me has helped carried me this far and your continued belief in me will see me through. My sole purpose for every platform place before me, whether is TVJ's Smile Jamaica, Irie FM's Marcus Garvey Celebration, for which I am the guest of the honor, interview with Power 106's Dervan Malcolm, interview with Irie FM's Andrea Williams, among others, is to convince another that God is not a particular of person, but of faith. Whatever is your dream, whatever is your dream---you can achieve it, if  you believe and obey.  I've prayed for this, I've worked for this, I've sacrificed and lost for this; I've been reborn for this. Sweet sweet Jamaica, I'm coming home. Some people really do wait a lifetime for a moment like this.