July 28, 2015 by admin

I was talking to a friend yesterday who told me that at 53 years of age, he think he has found the one. The tone in which it was stated gave me pause that his thoughts were incomplete. "And....?" I followed behind him. "She's 17 years younger." To summarize the conversation, he went on to explain that though they were perfect in everyway for each other, maturity, fundamental values, respect, friendship, etc., he was simply afraid. He was afraid to die and leave her alone with the child or children that would come from their union. Now, I don't know, perhaps my friend has the gift of foresight where he can see and thus can say for certain that she won't precede him in death, though no one can tell the time nor the hour of his/her departure from the physical body. This is what I do know--one cannot make decisions, especially those as fundamental as marriage and starting a family, or business or a new relationship, with fear as the foundation. Fear and faith cannot exist in the same arena. It is simply impossible. Both masters cannot be served at the same time, it is either one or the other, period. When I started my business, I had nothing but the belief that if I keep moving forward, barriers would move out of my way and who and what was to fall in line, would do so. Was it tough? Yes, and it still is that, but fear is a hindrance that is simply too costly. Don't be a prisoner of fear and rob yourself of the life you were meant to live. Write your vision, dreams, goals and make them plain. Speak them. Believe them and you will live them, as faith would now be your foundation.