March 22, 2013 by admin

The seven years transformation of "Deadly Instincts," I have come to realized, was the journey of my transformation. Like her--"Deadly Instincts," I was inflexible and like most things in life demand, you either willingly humble yourself or life will do it for you, as growth requires it. I looked back at when the book was first called "Seductive Lies," characters and plots were undeveloped, points of reference were without clarity and confusion and mahem ruled. I also looked back and vividly recalled that I was the only one who thought "Seductive Lies," would be the next best thing on the shelves. More frighteningly, when asked a question about my characters, I was mute for simply one reason--I didn't know them. I believe one's written work, not referring to content, is a mirror of the person within. The penmanship, the attention to details, the style.... Seven years ago, I was a mess. My personal life was in shambles and for reasons unknown to me, I simply wanted to exist no more. I had lost my way and wasn't able to identify my spirit even if I had bumped into her accidentally. Something happened. I became exhausted at being my worst enemy. I returned to my prayer habitual days instilled in me by my grandmother. Slowly, it started to happen. Inc

rease you Lord and decrease Racquel. Slowly, the lens through which I saw life, me, "Deadly Instincts," started to change. "Deadly Instincts" became my teacher. I was introduced to the characters for the first time. I took time to know them. The bond became so real, I cried with them, laughed with them, worried with them, loved with them and died with them. The bond became real because I was them, I am them. What makes the "Deadly Instincts," experience so unique to you, I often times asked readers. The answers were always the same..."I cry when they cry, laugh when they laugh, the range of emotions the characters experience, I experienced it with them. I am not reading a book, I am in the book." I smiled when I see how attached readers have become to Darius, Michael, Diane, Elizabeth and Samurai. To this day, I get hate mail from readers about what happened to a particular character or characters, HATE MAIL. "Deadly Instincts," journey on one aspect has ended and an another aspect has just begun. My journey as Racquel Brown Gaston has ended, and as Racquel Brown Gaston the Author has begun. I invite you to join us and experience the metamorphosis and tell me all about it on my new fan page--Racquel Brown Gaston, the author. The lethal game has begun. Are you ready?