June 30, 2015 by admin

You've probably heard of time warp before Christina Milian decided to join Rocky Horror Picture Show Remake. Umm, let's see if you do. Do you remember the feeling you get after you have been through an ordeal for the purpose of achieving a goal--be it finding the right school for your child, or getting through your wedding day or taking an exam? Whew, you probably said to yourself, thank God that is done. Now, imagine that life was such that it could just turn back time and you had to endure that all over again? Yes, time warp. Well, sometimes that happen.  The circumstances may change, but the lesson we didn't learn that must be learnt for us to grow, will pound stronger at our doorsteps each time it has to make a trip back. The lesson is in the struggle. My experience on my journey as a writer has placed me in the midst of much struggle, and I oftentimes wondered, what was the purpose of that.  Would you believe that as I am being transcend onto my next challenge, the challenges I endured had ingredients I need? Those ingredients included folks with whom I interacted whether it was a simple hello or a complex negotiation.  The little things may seem irrelevant as we so readily dismiss them as unimportant.   The truth is everything that has breath serves a purpose. Ask one of the wonders of the world-the Egyptian Pyramids how they came to be--they will tell you, we were formed from blocks, made by the combination of straws. Don't take any relationship lightly, not so much because there is something to be gained from them, but because you could be the straw they need.